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Bariatric Surgery, Mexico, and Healthcare Connects

During this time of social distancing and self-quarantining, it is the perfect time to start educating yourself about bariatric surgery, Mexico, and how the two fit can together in a harmonious way to save you time and money… If you’re interested in such things, of course.

A Quick About Us:

Healthcare Connects is a medical tourism company based in Simcoe, Ontario. We are made up of a husband and wife team with a history of working alongside private bariatric clinics in Canada. We’ve taken it upon ourselves to become a full service resource exclusively for bariatric procedures in Mexico.

How We Are Adjusting to COVID-19

During the current worldwide crisis involving COVID-19, most international travel has been shut down, or severely limited.

This is certainly troubling news given that our services require flying our clients to Mexico to have their bariatric procedures as well as providing return flights.

Let us look instead to the bright side, and use the down time to teach and learn more about what’s involved in our bariatric surgery abroad services.

We can also learn how we came to be a company that is changing lives for the better, all across Canada.

Why Bariatric Surgery?

If you’re new to researching the topic of bariatric surgery, you’re not alone. For many people who are medically categorized as obese, bariatric surgery is often the last hope when diets and lifestyle changes have been ineffective.

Bariatric surgery is a type/group of procedures who’s ultimate goal is to reduce the size of the stomach and reduce the production of hunger hormones. There are several approaches to bariatrics, including stomach bands, gastric bypass, gastric sleeve, and others (explained later), the most common procedure performed is: Gastric bypass.

What is Gastric Bypass (Short & Sweet)?:

Since there is an overwhelming amount of information available for gastric bypass surgery online, let’s summarize:

  • Also known as “Roux-en-Y”
  • Laparoscopic procedure (You are not cut open)
  • Creates a small pouch, to mimic a smaller stomach
  • Essentially a shortcut to the small intestine
  • You feel fuller much sooner
  • As a result, you eat less!

Gastric bypass stomach map

What is Gastric Sleeve (Short & Sweet)?:

You could say that the gastric sleeve is similar to gastric bypass. Both involve reducing the ‘size’ of the stomach to reduce the volume of food it takes to feel full… Here’s the bullet points:

  • Laparoscopic procedure (Not cutting you open!)
  • Large portion of stomach is removed
  • Remaining stomach shape akin to a banana
  • You feel satisfied with much lower amounts of food
  • The hunger hormone ‘Ghrelin’ is reduced too

Gastric Sleeve Procedure Map

What is Mini Gastric Bypass (Short and Sweet!)?:

With mini gastric bypass surgery, you’ll see why these are all categorized together under the banner of bariatrics…

  • Laparoscopic procedure
  • Updated or modified version of gastric bypass
  • Stomach is divided into a 1/4 and 3/4 sections
  • The smaller portion is then connected to the small intestine
  • Feel fuller sooner
  • Suppress excess hunger

Mini Gastric Bypass Procedure

While We’re Stuck at Home…

Who is Eligible for Bariatric Surgery?

Now that we’re more familiar with each type of procedure that falls under the bariatric surgery family, what’s next? Can anyone just sign up for the procedure and wait their turn?

No. Of course not!

As with just about any medical procedure, there are requirements and prerequisites.

In order to not deluge you for information, here’s the generalized requirements for bariatric surgeries through Healthcare Connects:

  • Must be at least 18 years old
  • BMI of at least 35. Or BMI of 30 with associated weight related health issues
  • Able to commit to lifestyle changes
  • Have valid passport

These are the foundational requirements. Of course there are other factors that will be addressed as you fill out an intake form.

We’ve learned about the WHAT, HOW, and the WHO… What about the WHEN and WHERE?

Great question:

Why Travel to Mexico for Bariatric Surgery?

Doesn’t Canada Provides Bariatric Surgery Procedures?

The Canadian Healthcare system certainly provides bariatric surgeries. The problem is that it isn’t just an issue of do-they, or don’t-they. It is a supply and demand issue.

Each province’s healthcare system is overtaxed to the point that demand/need for bariatric procedures far outweighs the available supply of surgeons and operating rooms.

Check out these statistics on bariatric surgery waiting times across Canada:

Wait times Bariatric Surgery Canadian Provinces

The wait times create an incredible backlog of people who already qualified for bariatric procedures… They unfortunately just cannot get into the operating room soon enough. Sometimes the delay can be fatal.

Enter Medical Tourism to Mexico

Many people are hesitant at first about travelling to Mexico for any sort of healthcare service. This boils down to a misunderstanding, or simply a lack of up-to-date information.

Over the last 20 years, Mexico has advanced leaps and bounds in terms of their medical training, technology, and facilities.

Knowing that surgical conditions in Mexico are on-par (if not better) than Canada’s is a surprising revelation. Many years ago when we first entered the field of bariatrics, we were amazed ourselves.

Benefits of Bariatric Surgery in Mexico: Price

Now that the quality of care hesitations have been addressed, it is time to focus on the more advantageous benefits of weight-loss surgeries in Mexico. Let’s boil it down:

  • Cost – Private clinics in Canada charge $15,000-$20,000
  • Cost – Mexico via HCC roughly $7000-$10,000

That is a significant savings, not to mention, with Healthcare Connects, your flights and travel accommodations are included. Substantial!

Benefits of Bariatric Surgery in Mexico: Low Wait Times

The above chart that shows the supply and demand of bariatrics in Canada paints a disturbing picture of wait times measured in years. How can a lifesaving surgery allow for multiple year-long waiting lists? It does, but it certainly shouldn’t:

  • Wait Time: Canadian average: 5 years (source: NIH.GOV)
  • Wait Time: Mexico via HCC: 2-4 weeks.

Benefits of Bariatric Surgery in Mexico: No Stress, No Worries

As the vision of bariatric surgery in Mexico becomes clearer, it is important to touch on one more benefit. With Healthcare Connects, we take care of all travel details, hotel lodgings, and everything else required to make it ‘there and back again’ safe and sound.

We love to say that what we offer is WORRY FREE and STRESS FREE. We definitely don’t mean to diminish the internal feelings you might have about your medical condition. We’re merely describing the process of getting to Mexico and back again, and having all aspects of the journey taken care of as part of our service to you.

The True Joys of What We Do

The true joy of what we do can be summed up pretty easily.

We’re helping people get the surgery they need, at an affordable price, with next-to-no waiting time (comparatively!), while we take care of all the details.

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