Timeline: Immediate Release May 2021
Company: Pure Environmental
Geography: Simcoe, Ontario, Canada

New Location for Pure Environmental Restoration Services

After many great years on Hillcrest Road in Simcoe, Ontario, Pure Environmental Restoration Services has relocated to the old Burtol Cleaning building on Norfolk Street North / Davis Street in Simcoe.

The new location has been renovated to suit both administrative and retail functions of the business. With the more central location and close proximity to HWY 24, Pure Environmental is now poised to be even more responsive to customer requests across southern Ontario.

Updated Contact Details

Pure Environmental
679 Norfolk St N, Simcoe, ON N3Y 3R2

More About Pure Environmental

Pure Environmental is operated by Jason Bowyer a lifelong Norfolk County resident with a history in computer engineering and microbiology. Pure Environmental Restoration services offers a variety of services, mainly targeted towards the restoration of property, and the wholesale/retail distribution of safety supplies and equipment.

Mold Remediation and Restoration Services

The company specializes in mold removal and mold remediation. This is a delicate science that requires a deep understanding of a home’s environmental factors, history, and air quality. Through thermal scanning, air sampling, and visual examination, Pure Environmental is able to assess the scope of the mold issue, determine a course of remediation, and then execute the process. Air tests confirm the eradication of mold has been complete, and the root source has been addressed.

Fire, Water, Trauma Restoration Services

The company works with insurance companies, law enforcement, and homeowners to contend with the harsh realities of daily life. Fire, flood, storms, and crime/trauma all come with certain types of physical property damage. Through the wide ranging expertise of Pure Environmental, these disasters can be mitigated and a property restored in short order.

Safety Supply Wholesale & Retail

With the rising need for every business to have crucial safety supplies and PPE on hand for conducting their operations, a reliable safety supply distributor is needed. Pure Environmental offers an extraordinary catalog of vetted, quality items that ship fast and are priced competitively. This includes important daily use items like the following:

  • Sanitizer Products & Dispensers
  • Mold & Stain Remover: (Revitalyze SR Mold & Stain Remover)
  • Safety Glasses/Goggles
  • Disposable Gloves
  • Face Shields
  • And so much more

Safety Supply Distributor

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