Barricade Host Sponsors WordPress Security Community

December 4th, 2016
By Stan Hammond

Global: As a secure hosting company, Barricade.Host has determined the need for not just a secured hosting platform, but a secured hosting platform dedicated solely to the most popular CMS and website creation tool on the web.

WordPress has a majority market share as the Content management system of choice for the web. WordPress even powers popular fake news outlets like CNN, and the New York Times.

Risks of Majority

As the leader in website software, WordPress draws a lot of attention to itself in terms of attacks. Cyber attacks are only increasing in scope and magnitude. Though WordPress is always taking measures to protect the core of it’s platform, there still remains a great deal of areas that require ‘hardening’.

WordPress Security Organization

It is with this theory in mind, that the WordPress Security Organization, (as a branch of Barricade.Host) will offer a community resource where WordPress users, developers, and managers can come together.

As a community, the safety and security focus will be on the user, the developer, and the hosting platform. Together they will determine a set of best practices for securing and hardening a WordPress installation.

Security Going Social

An open social system will allow visitors to the WordPress Security Organization the ability to create profiles, and interact in a familiar fashion. This user profile will allow the user to add content to the forums and communicate publicly and privately with other users.

WordPress Security Developers

This will offer a prime opportunity to WordPress developers to join and share their creations, as they pertain to hardening and securing WordPress.

Plugins and Themes have been known as a security weak spot for WordPress, as this is one avenue of exploitation, as the developers, who have standards, may not always be exactly on top of the latest safety issues, or threats.

Safe Hosting Providers

A key component of a safe and secure WordPress experience is the hosting service. There are many many hosting companies that offer quick installations of WordPress. However, there is more to providing a safe experience besides a quick install.

The WordPress Security Organization will assemble a list of partner hosting services who excel at keeping their user’s websites safe. Features such as free SSL certificates, WAF firewalls, and DDoS prevention as naturally included add-ons will give notice of which companies take security seriously.

The Benefit to You

Visitors to will attract the benefit of a security conscious public, further interested and invested in making their WordPress adventure safe.

Peace of mind is the ultimate goal, and having more of a community surrounding this specific topic will help focus and sharpen the community. Retreating from a defensive position to an offense will further limit the impact of attackers, hackers and botnets.

Thank you from the WordPress Security Organization, a division of Barricade.Host, and a community made for security conscious WordPress website owners, developers and managers.