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We are happy to provide a platform for your company or organization’s press releases. Whether you have a written press release prepared in advance, or require assistance; we can help publish your message.

If you have a press release you’d like us to publish on your behalf, please submit it here.

What is a Press Release?

A press release is a document or official statement released to the media to detail information on an event, product release, business launch, or key personnel change.

An official press release is designed to set the record straight or prevent misrepresentation of a specific event/newsworthy situation/development by distributing accurate information direct from the source or company related to the event.

Honesty and accuracy should be observed by those who seek to publish a press release, as it is considered a factual representation of the included information.

If you have any questions regarding your press release preparation or content, please contact us here.

Learn the Proper Press Release Format

A press release is not to be confused with a blog post, or any type of content marketing. Though a published press release does often link back to the original publishing authority, it is not intended to be a form of advertising. It is a statement of fact, from the authoritative power behind the fact.

Please include:

  • Accurate and current date
  • Author’s name (after the title, but before the content).
  • If release pertains to certain geographic region (city or state) please specify
  • Include contact information beneath content. Phone number, email address and mailing address are vital to the credibility and authenticity of the publication.
  • Include a link to original post of the press release or own website

Avoid marketing language and persuasion techniques, as they will detract from the authenticity of the publication.

Besides a company logo, and perhaps a specific product image where appropriate, images are not required or even necessary for a press release. The goal is information distribution, from a reliable and trusted root source – A press release is NOT a glorified advertisement.

Press Release Distribution

Press Release Directory does advertise our services across the web, which can draw added attention to your publication for any interested party.

There is an expressed concern that duplicating your press release across multiple platforms can have a negative effect. This is not true. Your official published press release is not spam if your intention is authentic distribution of factual information.

Please consider adding a canonical rel link back to your own site’s posting of the press release.

If you have any questions regarding your press release format or distribution, please contact us here.